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Another collection of letterforms.

162 x 120mm, 32pp 

Grapho Editions, 2020                


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Rather than being located in a specific geographical area, as were my previously-published selections, this group of letterforms is made up of examples from twenty locations across the country and one in Dublin. However, just as before, they are what have caught my eye, on visits mainly to churches and their graveyards. My choices were made on what stood out as particularly significant rather than being confined only to those thought attractive.

 Making the drawings can involve a degree of guesswork. Nevertheless great care has been taken to be as faithful as possible to the original outline shape of the letters and numbers. My usual simple style of representation has its limitations, so depth has been indicated in a few cases where there is striking three-dimensionality. Please note that dates given are those marking the named person’s death and are likely to be only an approximate indication of when the letters were actually cut. 

 I have benefitted from the help of Peter Lawrence. His expertise in typography and enthusiasm for lettering  have been invaluable and much appreciated.

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