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Another small collection of letterforms. 

162 x 120mm, 22pp 

Grapho Editions, 2016            


Made up of two sections, the centre of each comprising a folded sheet both left and right. Hand-printed in a limited edition of 100 on JPP Archival Inlay and set in Romain.

This is a second selection of letterforms discovered on gravestones, ledgerstones, tombs and memorials. The churches in which they were found are located in the east of Cumbria. Most of the letterforms are incised into stone. The date shown is that of the death of the commemorated person and this can be only a rough guide as to when the letter was actually cut. 

    Making these drawings involves a degree of guesswork. Nevertheless, great care is taken to be as accurate as possible. Those that are reversed on a dark ground are shown in this way to add presentational variety. 

    The main purpose of this book is to record the most interesting letterforms and to share my pleasure in them. They represent only what has caught my eye and so are not to be considered the result of a comprehensive survey either of the individual church or the region.

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