Book cover

A second book of poems 

and images

by Phil Madden and 

Paul L. Kershaw

265 x 190mm, 27pp

Grapho Editions, October 2013


No longer available

The book is printed on Magnani Biblos, 145gsm, using a FAG cylinder press and a Victoria Platen. There are 100 copies in the edition. The setting is Kindersley Grand Arcade and Preissig. Its quarter binding is in orange cloth with  printed paper on the front cover and plain paper on the back. It was designed, printed and bound by Paul Kershaw.

A quote from the afterword explains more:

It was a joint venture from the beginning; an iterative creation where words suggested images and images suggested words. Fundamental to our approach has been that the very experience of turning the pages should feel like both a sequential and simultaneously organic process and be a cover to cover progress inextricably woven into the subject of the text.

     In keeping with an implicit sense of carefree wandering and the creation of meaning-after-the-event was the way images were created out of procedures where full control was not always possible, where it was very much a case of seeing what happened if one went this way or that. As with the first book, experiments with ‘suminagashi’ feature strongly, where there is order to the physical process of marbling but the resulting patterns of ink on water are fugitive and unique. Printed tissue is the other main source for the images. Selections from both were then scanned and turned into printing plates using the digital photopolymer process.

   We wanted to create a book without a fixed and closed form, so that progress through it has elements of allusion, reflection and spontaneity as the central themes unfold; of lives needing narratives, of everything being rewritten and of nothing being forgotten.

copyright © Paul L. Kershaw 2023