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Another collection of letterforms, expanded to three sections instead of two. They were all found in churches to the north of Ripon.

162 x 120mm, 32pp 

Grapho Editions, 2019                


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This third selection of letterforms represent what has caught my eye on random visits and so are not to be considered the result of a comprehensive survey of either the particular church nor of the region as a whole. Letters shown reversed on a ground are incised into stone and those in black are painted, unless indicated otherwise. Making the drawings can involve a degree of guesswork but great care has been taken to be as faithful to the original as possible. 

   Three-dimensional representation of the incised lettering has not been attempted so their appearance, though rather a simplified abstraction, is nevertheless a worthwhile revelation of their basic outline. Their dates are those marking the named person’s death and are likely to be only an approximate indication of when the letters were actually cut. 

    As with the other two books in this series my purpose has been to record interesting lettering and then to share my pleasure in them.

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