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A small collection of letterforms found on grave stones and ledger stones in south Herefordshire.

162 x 120mm, 22pp 

Grapho Editions, 2015  


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This selection of letters and numerals are from gravestones, tombs or memorials. Taken from only a few examples, they were found in four churches to the south of Hereford: St Mary, Abbey Dore; St Michael, Garway; St Mary & St David, Kilpeck; St John the Baptist, Ruardean. The earliest date associated with them is 1637 and the latest 1849. All were incised into stone. Despite the inevitable tidying-up that was involved in making drawings of this kind, they remain as faithful as possible to the originals. Those reversed on a dark ground are shown like that just for variety of appearance. The main purpose of this little book is to record some of the most interesting letterforms found in these churches and to share my delight in them.

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